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Name Yandex Mail
Category Communication
Size 117.4MB
Popularity 4008
Publisher Yandex Apps
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/11/2022
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Mod Info:

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail Game Introduction :

The Yandex Mail mobile app is a convenient mailbox in your phone that keeps you safe from spam and viruses.

  • One app for all your mail — work with all your inboxes at the same time. You can connect multiple inboxes with Yandex or other mail services: Mail.Ru, Gmail, Rambler, Write and read emails on one device by switching between profiles. Tap the + button to the right of your avatar to add more inboxes.
  • Configure Mail to suit you. If you prefer to deal with emails at night, turn on the dark theme to reduce the contrast between the screen and your surroundings, making things easier on your eyes. You can also change your audio notification settings to match your style. Finally, you can delete or archive emails using a long swipe — configure that however is best for you.
  • View attachments right away — if the email author attached a picture, a smaller copy of it will show up next to the subject line in your inbox. If your attachment is too large to be emailed, it will be uploaded to Yandex Disk automatically and appear in your email as a regular file or link. You don\’t need to download or install anything else to view attachments like that.
  • Mail works offline too. That means you can pull up your movie reservation number, insurance details, address, or phone number even if you don\’t have an internet connection. If you lose your connection while riding the subway, you can continue reading and responding to emails, and they\’ll be sent automatically once you\’re back online.
  • Keep yourself safe from hackers and spam. To keep your correspondence away from prying eyes, enable logging in by pin code. Even if someone is able to unlock your phone, they probably won\’t be able to read your emails. In addition, Mail\’s smart algorithms get rid of unwanted spam mail, and you can help train them by marking annoying emails as spam.
  • Work with emails on the go: listen to an email if you\’re busy and send a quick response with one swipe or just dictate your reply. The Yandex Mail app understands several languages and can translate incoming emails.
  • Mail comes with Telemost and Calendar. Arrange video meetings, organize work conferences, or meet up with family and friends via Telemost. If you add a meeting to Calendar, all participants will receive a notification email and reminder to make sure they don\’t miss it.
  • Get more features with Yandex 360 Premium rates:

    – No ads in the Yandex 360 app and web versions

    – Up to 3 TB of additional disk space

    – Unlimited cloud storage for pictures and videos on your phone

    – A personalized email address instead of the standard

Yandex Mail Game screenshot :

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail (117.4MB)

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