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Name LockMyPix PRO
Category Photography
Size 11.7MB
Popularity 1282
Publisher fourchars
Score 6.0
Publish Date 02/10/2021
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Mod Info:

LockMyPix PRO It\’s an interesting app

LockMyPix PRO Game Introduction :

Our mobile devices always have a lot of secrets that do not want anyone to see. Because of that, the security folder app starts to appear and protect everyone’s data. Whether it’s a stranger or anyone who has the phone of someone else, there is a need for tight folder security to avoid being misused for malicious purposes. The most prominent application in the protection of all user data, especially videos or photos, is LockMyPix. The app is appreciated for its security, and it uses the best military-grade security, even many people use it to protect everything about themselves. Whether it’s a personal photo, a document, or a video, just the image or video format, this app will protect all, no one but you can see it.The application has a professionally designed interface, brings a sense of security to users, and it uses simple colors to create user-friendliness. The interface of the application can also change to many different types depending on the style of each user. Moreover, the homepage will be where the user contains the photos, videos, and they are arranged according to the time taken. The interface will also categorize the data that users have, and divide it into various categories such as photos, videos, or audio. Users only need to perform a few simple steps to access other data categories on the device. Of course, the application will also have user settings, allowing to change the interface settings, making it more secure and superior.The application will automatically change the path to save your photos and videos after being installed. All images, video, or audio after downloading or capturing, they will be transferred right here. Similar to the data before you install this app, they will also be included, and transfer to there, leaving your collection empty. After installing the app, the user will set the most appropriate password to prevent others from accessing it. The application also can create a decoy for users in case they are forced to open a folder. Yes, the decoy will only contain strange pictures, which do not appear on your device, and they also have a positive purpose of making others less suspicious. In other words, the decoy feature is the most outstanding feature of this app.Users always feel insecure whenever they lend phones because they can know the user’s familiar passwords. Also so that the application supports multi-level security features enabled. Users can add security forms such as photos, fingerprints, PIN codes at the same time. When uploading photos to social networks, the application will ask for a password from the user every time the photo upload is performed.The application’s security process will encrypt all user data, from which applications with malicious intent such as stealing user data will be disabled. LockMyPix is rated as one of the best security applications for users, when it uses the most advanced security system to ensure the safety for users and their data.

LockMyPix PRO Game screenshot :

LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO

LockMyPix PRO (11.7MB)

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